Meraki veterinary clinical extra mural studies

20 Sep 2023

Clinical Extra-Mural Studies Top Tips: Part 2 - Things to do During Your Veterinary Placements

In Part 1 we covered the logistics of sourcing and arranging your placements. Having done the leg...

Meraki veterinary EMS grants

27 Feb 2023

Meraki Clinical EMS Grants 2023 – apply now! 12 remain...

Here at Meraki, we understand how integral C-EMS is to increase new graduate confidence and to minimise what can be...

Greenbay Vets The Meraki Initiative

04 Feb 2023

Meraki Case Study: What Veterinary Recruitment Crisis?

After launching in January 2022 Greenbay Vets were the first to sign up to our pioneering ‘always on’, employer branding...

veterinary student on C-EMS placement

30 Dec 2022

Clinical Extra-Mural Studies Top Tips: Part 1 - Planning Your Veterinary Placements

Clinical extra-mural studies (C-EMS) offers veterinary students exciting “real world” experiential learning and an insight into what it feels like...

Luke McBlain EMS Experience

30 Dec 2022

EMS Stories: GUVMA President Shares His C-EMS Experiences

On the home straight to securing his MRCVS, I chatted with Luke McBlain, Class of 2023 and Glasgow Vet School’s...

Phoebe Dodds EMS Experience

30 Dec 2022

EMS Stories: Centaur Society President Shares Her C-EMS Experiences

Eager to listen to students early experiences of C-EMS, I caught up with Phoebe Dodds, Class of 2024 and Bristol...

Happy veterinary team at their great workplace

30 Jul 2022

Veterinary Employer Branding: Top 10 Tips To Get Started

Experiencing high staff turnover? Struggling to recruit talent? You might have a credibility problem. Take action to build your authentic...

Greenbay Vets great place to work

30 Jul 2022

Feature Interview: Meet Greenbay Vets, Our Founding Community Member

For this month’s feature interview, I spoke to Laura Mather who is the co-owner, alongside her husband John, and a...

Olly King The Meraki Initiative

29 Jul 2022

Meet the Founder: In Conversation With Olly King

This month I sat down with the Founder of The Meraki Initiative Olly King, to understand what drove him to...

17 Mar 2022

Is it money well spent? Breaking the taboo on the cost of mental health interventions

Do we truly understand the cost implications of poor mental health in the workplace? Do we understand the return on...

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