Veterinary EMS Top Tips Meraki Ask For Feedback

22 Dec 2023

Clinical Extra-Mural Studies Top Tips: Part 3 - Things to do After Your Veterinary Placement

Congratulations! You are one placement closer to meeting your RCVS C-EMS requirements. In Part 1 we covered...

Meraki Veterinary Leadership Spotlight: 387 Veterinary Centre

20 Dec 2023

Leadership Spotlight: 387 Veterinary Centre

387 Veterinary Centre joined Meraki earlier this year. Wanting to gain a deeper insight into their efforts...

Meraki veterinary clinical extra mural studies

20 Sep 2023

Clinical Extra-Mural Studies Top Tips: Part 2 - Things to do During Your Veterinary Placement

In Part 1 we covered the logistics of sourcing and arranging your placements. Having done the leg...

Meraki veterinary EMS grants

27 Feb 2023

Meraki Clinical EMS Grants 2024 – apply now! 23 remain...

Here at Meraki, we understand how integral C-EMS is to increase new graduate confidence and to minimise what can be...

Greenbay Vets The Meraki Initiative

04 Feb 2023

Meraki Case Study: What Veterinary Recruitment Crisis?

After launching in January 2022 Greenbay Vets were the first to sign up to our pioneering ‘always on’, employer branding...

veterinary student on C-EMS placement

30 Dec 2022

Clinical Extra-Mural Studies Top Tips: Part 1 - Planning Your Veterinary Placements

Clinical extra-mural studies (C-EMS) offers veterinary students exciting “real world” experiential learning and an insight into what it feels like...

Luke McBlain EMS Experience

30 Dec 2022

EMS Stories: GUVMA President Shares His C-EMS Experiences

On the home straight to securing his MRCVS, I chatted with Luke McBlain, Class of 2023 and Glasgow Vet School’s...

Phoebe Dodds EMS Experience

30 Dec 2022

EMS Stories: Centaur Society President Shares Her C-EMS Experiences

Eager to listen to students early experiences of C-EMS, I caught up with Phoebe Dodds, Class of 2024 and Bristol...

Happy veterinary team at their great workplace

30 Jul 2022

Veterinary Employer Branding: Top 10 Tips To Get Started

Experiencing high staff turnover? Struggling to recruit talent? You might have a credibility problem. Take action to build your authentic...

Greenbay Vets great place to work

30 Jul 2022

Feature Interview: Meet Greenbay Vets, Our Founding Community Member

For this month’s feature interview, I spoke to Laura Mather who is the co-owner, alongside her husband John, and a...

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