15 Nov 2023

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Stifle Arthroscopy CPD with Stuart

Stuart had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco, for an in-depth course on stifle arthroscopy

Hi everyone! We're excited to share some news from our team here at Westport Vets. Recently, Stuart had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco, California for an in-depth course on stifle arthroscopy, hosted by Arthrex.

This course was particularly important for Stuart, as he frequently performs surgeries related to cruciate ligament issues in dogs. The training lasted for two and a half days and was a fantastic chance to learn about advanced diagnostic techniques straight from the experts.
The first day was all about the basics – getting to know the arthroscopy kit and how to access a dog's stifle, or knee joint. Stuart took part in lectures and discussion groups, followed by practical exercises using the real kit, giving him a hands-on experience.
Day two upped the ante, focusing on more advanced skills like identifying and treating meniscal tears and injuries, which are quite common in dogs with cruciate ligament ruptures. These insights are particularly valuable to our practice, as we see such cases frequently.
The final day was the most advanced, featuring training on Arthrex's nanoscope, a tiny 1.9-millimeter camera that provides a detailed view inside the knee joint. This was a highlight for Stuart and a glimpse into the future of veterinary orthopedics.
Stuart returned from the course not just with new skills, but also with a renewed enthusiasm for providing the best care for our furry patients. He is eager to start applying these new techniques in our clinic very soon.
Thanks for your continued support and trust in us. We're always looking to learn and improve our services to ensure your pets receive the best possible care.