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VetLed Veterinary Human Factors Conference: High Performing Teams

After a tough 18 months of COVID lockdowns, the veterinary profession is looking to move forward towards a more positive future.

It might seem obvious, however it can be easy to overlook the very (human!) factors that best support our teams to deliver safe patient care, to find satisfaction in their roles, and to provide the very best workplace environment.

It is time to recognise the importance of working on our non-technical skills (situational awareness, stress and fatigue, communication tools, and much more!).  We must strategically develop ways to keep our people well and facilitate them being at their best.  We must also understand and design systems and processes (such as safety reporting, checklists and QI tools) which enable our teams to consistently and reliably do the best job they can.


Human Factors bridges the gap between our clinical skills and being able to deliver them most effectively.


Increasingly the most talked about topic in veterinary practice, the field of Human Factors is demonstrating itself to be as essential in our own profession as it is within human healthcare, and numerous other safety-critical sectors.

To perform at our best the veterinary profession must take the science of Human Factors seriously.

VetLed Veterinary Human Factors Conference 2022: High Performing Teams

This February 24th and 25th, The Veterinary Human Factors Conference will return with the theme – High Performing Teams.

The conference is being run by VetLed, who are the profession’s only dedicated Human Factors training organisation.  The event offers a huge number of expert speakers from across the profession and beyond.  Embracing a truly one health approach, where else would you see veterinary teams, human healthcare experts, an Olympian, and more all mingling in the same (virtual) space?!  The conference programme is jam-packed with nearly 24 hours of CPD, and provides something for everyone, from those with an early interest in the subject, through to those with an established understanding in Human Factors and experts in the field.

Backed by Headline Sponsor Boehringer Ingelheim, the conference promises to build on the global success of the inaugural conference in 2021.

VetLed’s Cat Auden said, “We all want to do a great job at work, but our clinical skills and knowledge are only one part of the picture of high performance in veterinary practice. Research has shown that adverse events in practice are rarely due to lack of technical ability. That’s why I’m so excited about our conference theme this year, “High-Performing Teams”. We think of performance in terms of winning a race, or being a high-flying executive… but what does a High Performing veterinary team look like, and how do we grow one?”

The conference will be run virtually to ensure widest reach and opportunity for all delegates to interact on the day, and also to catch up on sessions at a later date.

With expert lectures, panel discussions, Q+As, debates and live networking sessions, this conference provides huge opportunity for both learning and interaction.


“This should be compulsory, not only to vets and nurses, but also, to our practice managers.”

Delegate, The Veterinary Human Factors Conference 2021


“Lightbulb moments!”

Delegate, The Veterinary Human Factors Conference 2021


VetLed want to support your teams to be at their best; they invite you to join them and help lead the change.

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