16 Jun 2023

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Testimonials from our team

What do Ellen and Jemma think about working at Greenbay Vets?

This is what RVN Ellen had to say:

“I contacted Greenbay Vets shortly after qualifying in 2020, thinking it would be a temporary role while I finished my top up degree. Nearly 3 years on I am still here and love my job as an RVN working with such a fantastic team! Some of my favourite things about Greenbay are the high standard of care we offer to our patients and the variety of cases we see. John and Laura are very supportive in helping me to progress in my career and have enabled me to study for a certificate in my area of interest. I am so glad I chose Greenbay and wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!”

We are currently recruiting for an RVN, please do check out the advert on our Meraki profile if of interest.

Jemma joined us as a new graduate veterinary surgeon back in 2019, this is what she had to say about working at Greenbay:

"I love working in such a close-knit team, the 'Greenbay family' - we all get on well and always have each other's backs. John and Laura are so supportive and I know all the other vets will always be happy to discuss cases. I feel privileged to work in a practice with some of the very best and latest equipment, which means we can provide a high standard of service and care to our patients and clients, and we refer very few cases elsewhere as a result. The general diary management means that I have time to work-up cases to a high level and manage admin, meaning I feel satisfied that I have done a good job and made a difference to the animal and their owner."

We are not currently recruiting for a veterinary surgeon, but are always happy to connect with anyone interested in working with us, or veterinary students looking for EMS.