27 Jul 2022

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Employee Experience Survey 2022

We recently completed the Meraki Initiative Employee Experience Survey and were thrilled with the positive feedback!

Asking your team what they really think can be a daunting prospect, but so important! This is why we did the VDS culture survey in 2021. It was a really useful exercise, and the few areas highlighted for improvement were successfully tackled in a focus group meeting. Changes implemented included creation of a positivity board, team guidance on giving constructive feedback, a procedures board in prep, an appointment booking/triage policy and an increase in nurse clinics to reduce vet appointment pressure.

This year we were pleased to make use of the new Meraki Initiative Employee Experience Survey. Individuals complete the survey anonymously, and then Olly produces a fantastic and detailed report.

This is the summary of our results:




These are some of the areas the survey looks at and a headline summary of our results (the full report is much more detailed than this!)

Wellbeing at work 82%

Everyone felt the practice cared about employee wellbeing and the vast majority felt the levels of pressure and stress they experience in the job are reasonable.

Everyone felt the practice had sufficient staff, and that they could cope with their workload.

We are currently seeking feedback from the team on how we can help people with overall wellbeing and switching off from work and are considering assisting colleagues with access to a counseller. Several of the team will soon be doing mental health first aid training.

Culture and Values 90%

Everyone agreed Greenbay was a friendly place to work, is committed to delivering outstanding care to patients, and committed to supporting the local community and the environment.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion 89%

Everyone agreed the practice offers equal opportunities and that people can bring all aspects of themselves to work.

Psychological safety 87%

People feel able to bring up problems and mistakes are handled well.

My job 91%

Everyone feels they are clear on what is expected; that they have autonomy; that their job is challenging and stimulating and that they have the resources they need.

Client Interactions 89%

Everyone felt that clients value their work, and that we do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour.

Learning, development, and feedback 90%

Reward 91%

Everyone felt they were paid fairly.

Working Arrangements 82%

Everyone felt they had a positive working relationship with people in the team and felt valued and appreciated. Everyone felt there was a strong sense of collaboration, and that communication was good.

Everyone felt they had enough admin time, and sufficient breaks. Everyone was happy with the influence they have over working patterns, and that they would be supported to make changes to the role to support their physical health.

Attitudes 92%

Everyone felt committed to Greenbay Vets and driven to help the practice succeed. Everyone expressed that they wanted to be working here in 12 months’ time.

Overall a really useful exercise for anyone in a management/leadership role.