20 Apr 2023

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Embracing New Skills

As Laura H successfully completes her animal behaviour certificate we reflect on the positive impact on the practice

Laura joined us as a receptionist in 2015, and became exposed to a career she didn't even know existed - veterinary nursing. Laura moved within the practice to an animal nursing assistant role before starting her SVN course. She qualified as an RVN in 2020. Last night she did her first CPD presentation to the team at a local cafe/cinema!

Laura has developed a keen interest in dog behaviour and pre-covid she ran our weekly 'puppy parties'. She started her Nurses certificate in Animal Behaviour with Improve International in 2021, fully funded by the practice, and we were thrilled to find out this week that she has passed :)

It has been fab to put Laura's new skills to use for the benefit of our patients, clients, team and business. So far she has:

  • Introduced puppy 1:1 clinics. Laura learnt that 'puppy parties' are not the best approach, as they can be overwhelming for some pups. Instead she has a series of 1:1 appointments with new puppy owners, which may include to opportunity for controlled socialisation between puppies in the waiting room if appropriate.
  • Introduce dog socialisation clinics. These are for dogs who are nervous about coming to the practice, and it has been wonderful to see the results Laura can acheive with some patience and the right skills.
  • Dog behaviour first aid clinics. In these Laura offers triage advice for owners whose dogs have behavioural problems e.g. noise phobia, separation anxiety, with referral to a qualified behaviourist if required.
  • Produced information sheets for owners.

We currently have three other RVNs working towards certificates - we love being able to support all of the team with CPD and those who want to go down the route of further qualifications. The benefits to both the individual and the practice are clear.