11 May 2023

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Carbon audit results

We recently audited our emissions for 2022 as part of our sustainability plan, it is great to have some data to act on.

Huge thanks to Vet Sustain for producing a veterinary specific carbon calculator. This made the job of doing a carbon audit straightforward, and gives us some figures to work with. Our 2022 footprint was 16.47 Tonnes CO2e. Surprisingly for us, over 6 tonnes of this is down to anaesthetic gas usage! 

While we understand reducing emissions is key, we have made the decision to 'offset' our 2022 emissions and have chosen to support a project in the Amazon rainforest this year (inspired by Laura's travels to Brazil as a student researching pink river dolphins). Many thanks to Eco Offset Ltd for their guidance on this.

We plan to reduce our emissions where possible, and continue to audit and offset annually.

We are currently also performing a waste audit, covering general waste, clinical waste and recycling, so we can see where we can make improvements.