16 May 2023

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Loving our Laparoscopy

Read how the introduction of laparoscopic surgery has had huge benefits all round.

We recently decided that laparoscopic spays would be a great addition to our surgical portifolio. New team mates who'd used it in previous practices said post-op recovery was amazingly speedy, and we'd been having an increaing number of queries asking whether our practice offered keyhole spays. After much research, we invested in kit and welcomed Rob Hamilton from Mobile Surgical Mentoring to 387 Vets in early Spring for 5 days of intensive on-site training. We went 'live' at the end of the February and we really haven't looked back. We now have a waiting list for laparoscopic spays that stretches into the summer.

It's a win-win all round. From a patient perspective, the procedure is much less invasive than a traditional lap spay so there's less post operative discomfort and a quicker healing time. Owners are delighted that their dogs are back to normal within 48 hours of discharge. A real relief if you have an especially bouncy pet. From a business perpective, we're progressive and are changing to meet the growing expections of our clients. And for team motivation, it's been exciting for individuals to learning new surgical techniques which continue to display such resounding success. 

Our three-years qualified vet Sam said, "Lap spay training has been the highlight of the past year for me. I've really enjoyed learning a new surgical skill. I was never particularly passionate about ops before and much preferred consulting, but now I've increased my ops sessions from one to three a week, and feel my overall confidence in theatre has grown." 

We're now looking forward to using keyhole surgery for greater universal benefit. Exciting times ahead!