21 Jul 2023

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'Beeing' friendly

How we are all helping to save the bees at 387 Vets - and having fun too!

387 Veterinary Centre has been a Bee Friendly Practice with the British Bee Veterinary Association since 2017. Over the years, we've planted over 100 lavender plugs and other bee-friendly plants at the practice, have grown flowering fruit trees, have given out bee-friendly wildflower seeds to clients and have shared ways everyone can help support bees in waiting room displays and blog posts.

As the practice has grown, sadly our garden space has diminished. So last year we ran a sunflower growing competition amongst the team, to encourage team members to be bee-friendly off site. We gave everyone seeds and delighted in watching the (highly competitve!) results! The competition proved so popular, we are running it again in 2023.  Here is our beautiful first entry, setting high standards! Results will be announced at the end of August when the team will discover who amongst us is our ultimate sunflower-growing champion and winner of a Dobbie's gift voucher! Watch this space!