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Veterinary students

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Learning experience we offer
We love having students in practice. We appreciate just how valuable being in a real world veterinary environment is, not only for for reinforcing and broadening your skills and knowledge base, but also for boosting your confidence and helping you to get a feel for life in practice post qualification.

On your first morning with us you'll receive an induction and practice tour before joining the clinical team. Let us know if there's anything you would specifically like to cover, practise or know about while you are with us. We have a great breadth of knowledge - many of our vets and vet nurses have certificates and postgraduate qualifications. Encourage us to share what we know!

Placement mornings are normally spent observing ops, scans and diagnostics. This can include anything from keyhole spays and soft tissue surgery to orthopaedics, dentistry and ultrasonography. We'll talk you through procedures and involve you as much as we can as we know you'll be keen to learn.

After lunch you'll swap theatre for the consulting room. Watch our clinicians work up ongoing cases and diagnose new conditions as well as seeing more routine vaccination appointments. Choose to split your consult observations between main 387 practice and our interconnecting cat-only clinic to get a feel for how we work to minimise feline stress. Managing people is as important as managing pets. Shadow different clinicians to experience our different consulting styles.

We pride ourselves on being a super supportive and friendly team. We'll make sure you are looked after in practice and are included as though one of us.

We hope, at the end of your placement you'll feel a more rounded, experienced student vet, will have had fun on placement and will want to come and spend time with us again!
What we expect from you
We expect students, regardless of experience, to show a real passion and curiosity to learn. You'll enjoy talking with team, getting to know us all better and you'll approach your overall placement with enthusiasm and a positive spring in your step!